Eco product of the month - making more sustainable choices in packaging

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How can we make more sustainable choices in all areas of our lives? A big question, and one that will resonate with many people when they look at the amount of packaging they've generated from just one visit to their favourite supermarket.

However, packaging cannot be avoided entirely, and because of this, businesses and consumers should focus their efforts on making sustainable and responsible choices. The packaging industry should be at the forefront of the drive to help people make informed selections when it comes to necessary packaging. Where packaging is recyclable, the more so the better, and encouraging the reuse of recycled plastic materials is also key to reduce the output of waste plastic. 

Each month we are showcasing a product which we feel gives you an alternative, sustainable choice for your packaging materials.  One of our team has selected the product and tells you why they like it.

This month’s product is printed paper tape and is chosen by Lynn;

“Paper is the natural choice for me if you’re looking to improve your green credentials – you can’t get much better than a product which is made of either recycled paper fibres or from virgin fibres from trees grown in sustainably managed forests.  The paper we use for our printed tape contains 100% recycled fibres and has a hot melt adhesive which sticks well on boxes.  We use water-based inks to print in up to 3 colours.  I think it looks “eco-chic” and it’s also a great way to advertise your company whilst showing you care about the environment.”

Interested in our eco product of the month?  Call us for details or visit our printed paper packaging tape page for more information.