Looking to reduce your plastic packaging? We have a great alternative to polythene mailing bags.

Member News

Packaging and waste, particularly the effects of plastic on the environment, continue to be hot topics on the news agenda this year. Each month we are showcasing a product which we feel gives you an alternative, sustainable choice for your packaging materials.  One of our team, Karen, has selected the product and tells you why she likes it;

  • “My choice of eco product this month is paper mailing bags.  They are made of kraft paper from trees grown in sustainably managed, certified forests. The larger bags are ideal for a range of different products and have a self-adhesive strip so they’re quick to pack and seal.  I like the smaller bags which have a flat bottom so that they stand up whilst you fill them and they have a thick, strong adhesive strip.  Both paper mailing bags are easily recycled. As we are all trying to reduce the plastics we use I think these paper bags are a really smart and eco-friendly alternative; they look great and stand out from the crowd too.”

So if you are looking for an alternative to polythenemailers, why not try our paper mailing sacks and bags?